Title : Conducting Virtual Examinations for Discovery, Cross Examinations and Regulatory Examinations: Need to Know Strategies for Changing Times
Date : Mar. 23, 2021 12:00-1:30 p.m.
Description : Most all examinations are taking place remotely across Canada today. Get ready for your next virtual examination with expert advice on how these examinations are different and how you need to change your practices. Join us for this innovative program, where you will acquire key insights, tips and tactics from the experienced lawyers currently conducting virtual examinations and find out what judges are expecting to hear from you. Boost your skills and your ability to effectively advocate for your client.

  • How to prepare for a virtual examination: tech tools for smooth hearings
  • Ensuring the process is productive and efficient: critical checklists
  • Preparing witnesses and clients: guidelines and rules of conduct you need to share
  • Up close and personal: Effectively communicating in front of the camera
  • Shared screens: Who should control them and how to use them effectively, hyperlinks and more
  • Communication with your client in the virtual courtroom: ethical considerations
  • Virtual discovery demonstration: Best practices in action


Caroline Biron, ASC, Managing Partner, Woods Litigation Boutique
Tanya Walker, Lawyer and Managing Partner, Walker Law (ON)


Title : Employment Law Webinar
Date : January 21, 2021, at 12:00 p.m
Description : Walker Law will host its first webinar in 2021 on employment law.

Title : Walker Law Webinar: Answering Your Contract Litigation Questions
Date : October 7, 2020
Description : Tanya Walker, Rishi Nageshar, and Jordan Routliff of Walker Law presented a webinar on contract law pandemic issues. This webinar features topics including obtaining judgment against someone, suing someone in another jurisdiction, protecting against force majeure, and more!

Title : Keeping Clients Out of the Courtroom: Answering Real Estate Law Questions Part II | Sotheby’s
Date : October 5, 2020
Description : Sotheby’s International Realty Canada hosted a webinar featuring Kendra Connelly and Tanya Walker to discuss real estate topics including defects on title, active concealment, mixed-use properties, and more!

Title : COVID-19 Perspectives: New Legislation and Navigating Commercial Leases | Newmark Knight Frank
Date : September 24, 2020
Description : Tanya Walker of Walker Law and Phil Taylor of Newmark Knight Frank hosted a webinar on commercial property. In this webinar, Tanya Walker and Phil Taylor discuss topics including COVID-19 lease cases; overholding; phrases in a lease that the court may not abide by; rent abatement; relief from forfeiture; and more!

Title : Walker Law Employment Law Webinar Part 5
Date : August 20, 2020
Description : Tanya Walker and Jordan Koenig of Walker Law hosted a webinar for a discussion on temporary layoffs and going back to work, important phrases in employment contracts, and how to boost employee morale.

Title : McMaster Webinar – Strategic Negotiation Practices in Uncertain Times
Date : July 28, 2020
Description : Tanya Walker and Jordan Routliff of Walker Law participated in a webinar hosted in partnership with the DeGroote School of Business and the McMaster Alumni Association.

Title : Sotheby’s Webinar – Keeping Your Clients Out of the Courtroom Part 1
Date : July 13, 2020
Description : Tanya Walker participated as a panellist for a webinar presented by Sotheby’s International Realty to answer your real estate related questions. During this webinar, Tanya Walker will answer questions such as what happens to a buyer’s deposit if that buyer backs out of a real estate purchase last minute, how to evict tenants who have not paid rent during the COVID-19 pandemic, enforcing condo by-laws, registering property liens and more!

Title : Walker Law Employment Law Webinar Part 4
Date : July 9, 2020
Description : Walker Law hosted a webinar to provide updates and answer your employment law related questions. During this webinar, Tanya Walker, Jordan Koenig, and Rishi Nagashar will answer questions and discuss the recent Uber case and what it means for employers, notice periods for non-continuous employment, understanding business owners’ obligations regarding COVID-19 protection, infectious disease leave, and what to expect if you quit your job during COVID-19.

Title : Walker Law Property Law Webinar Part 4
Date : June 24, 2020
Description : Tanya Walker and Jordan Routliff of Walker Law discussed the impact of COVID-19 on property law issues. This one hour webinar also provides an update on the governments’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic and how the courts are operating.

In this webinar, Tanya and Jordan cover commercial leases and CECRA, frustration of contract, power of sale, and how to resolve disputes with regards to a residential construction project.

Title : Negotiation Strategies, Building Relationships, and Important Contractual Concepts | WeConnect
Date : May 21, 2020
Description : Whether you are aware of it or not, people create and engage in contracts every day. For example, when you walk into a coffee shop and purchase that first cup of coffee in the morning, you are creating a contract. Contracts are an important and essential aspect of our day to day lives. Contracts provide us with the confidence to trust that the business agreements we create will be enforced and respected. Briefly, a contract is a promise between two or more parties that is legally enforceable. As the owner of a women-owned business, it is important to know how to effectively negotiate business contracts and build relationships with the individuals you interact with.

Title : Walker Law Property Law Webinar Part 3
Date : May 21, 2020
Description : Tanya Walker and Jordan Routliff of Walker Law hosted a webinar to discuss the impact that COVID-19 has had on property law issues. This one-hour webinar also provides an update on the governments’ response to COVID-19 and how the courts are operating during the pandemic.

Tanya and Jordan cover issues involving commercial and residential tenancies as well as considerations for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents when entering into purchase agreements during the pandemic. This discussion includes things to consider when hosting a virtual tour of a property for sale.

Title : Negotiating Contracts in the New Normal | BBPA Ask an Expert Series
Date : June 10, 2020
Description : Tanya Walker presented on the impact of COVID-19 on negotiating strategies and some terms to consider including when negotiating a contract. Special thank you to the Black Business and Professional Association for facilitating this webinar.

Title : Walker Law Employment and Immigration Law Webinar Part 2
Date : May 8, 2020
Description : Walker Law, which specializes in civil litigation, and Rashid Urosevic LLP, a firm that specializes in employment law and immigration, held a joint webinar to answer your questions on the legal impact of COVID-19 on employment and immigration. Members of both firms discuss how COVID-19 will impact employment law with a focus on such topics as companies who have hired foreign nationals, the options for employees and employers if layoffs are necessary, and other topics pertinent to the impact of COVID-19 on employment law.

Title : Webinar Law Property Law Webinar Part 2
Date : April 27, 2020
Description : Tanya Walker and Jordan Routliff from Walker Law presented the webinar, “Property Law Issues Stemming from COVID-19 and How to Protect Yourself in the Future.”

Title : Walker Law Webinar on Employment and Property Law
Date : April 20, 2020
Description : This webinar will focus on three areas of law: employment, property law and lawsuits. Specifically, our discussion will include how COVID-19 has impacted employer/employee law, provide suggestions on how to deal with that impact, how COVID-19 may affect the closing of your property and how to navigate your lawsuit given that the Courts are open on a limited basis.

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