Product Liability


Product Liability

Walker Law represents parties on both sides of product liability lawsuits, which deal primarily with liability imposed on manufacturers of goods for losses or damages incurred by purchasers (or third parties) where products are defective or harmful. Under Federal and provincial laws, manufacturers can be held liable in a number of circumstances which might include manufacturing or design defects, failure to warn, as well as for general negligence or contractual liability. Walker Law has represented clients in product liability disputes involving defective marketing installations, construction equipment, and industrial flooring materials. Walker Law takes measures to encourage early settlement of cases, and provides critical support during the pre-litigation phase to mitigate the risks of entering into litigation. We will help you evaluate the merits of a potential product liability claim, which may include collaboration with a leading product or engineering expert for an assessment. Whether you are facing a potential product liability claim or believe you have suffered damages or losses due to defective products, contact a Walker Law Litigation Lawyer today!

Walker Law is located in the heart of the financial district in downtown Toronto. Our legal staff are ready to assist you with your product liability matter. Call us at 647-342-2334 or email us at [email protected] for a consultation. Please note that this article is intended for educational purposes only. It contains general information about legal matters and should not be considered legal advice.


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