Employment Litigation Law


Employment Litigation Law

Our civil litigation lawyers provide support with commencing and defending employment lawsuits, including disputes surrounding partnership agreements, profit sharing plans, employment contracts, workplace investigations, confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements. We defend and represent litigants with workplace discrimination claims, wrongful dismissal matters, employee retaliation, wrongful termination disputes, human rights complaints, misappropriation of trade secrets, and breach of fiduciary duties and duty of good faith. We work to provide our clients, including managers and supervisors, with the quickest and most cost-effective solutions to resolve their workplace disputes and employment lawsuits.

Employment Litigation Lawyers

Walker Law provides litigation assistance with various facets of civil litigation including contract disputes, defamation, employment law, franchise law, negligence, and real property disputes. Walker Law has been retained to represent clients at various stages of the dispute resolution process and various levels of courts and Tribunals.

At Walker Law, our legal services are highly driven by applying negotiation tactics in attempt to resolve client disputes and to avoid the time and cost associated with litigation. Our civil litigation lawyers are dynamic and highly responsive to clients needs. We are proud of our well-established reputation for being knowledgeable, professional, expedient, and for providing stellar customer service that tends to exceed client expectations. Contact Walker Law to speak with a civil litigator about your legal dispute.

Tanya Walker – Civil Litigator/Civil Litigation Lawyer and Specialist
The Owner and Managing Partner of Walker Law, Tanya Walker, is an award-winning certified specialist in civil litigation by the Law Society of Ontario. To be certified, lawyers must meet established standards of experience and knowledge requirements including: practicing law in an area for a minimum of seven years, having a substantial involvement in a speciality area, and being in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario. As a certified civil litigator, you can trust that Walker Law will meet your litigation needs.

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