Contract Disputes


Contract Disputes

What is a Contract?

Most businesses and/or individuals form contracts every day. A contract is a legally binding promise between two or more persons to act under an agreement in exchange for goods, services, or compensation. All contracts contain three components:

  • an offer;
  • acceptance; and,
  • consideration.

All three components must be present for a contract to be considered legally binding. Contracts can be made orally or written; however, they should be in writing. Contractual disputes may arise as a person to the agreement does not fulfill their promise(s) as outlined in the contract or where the individuals involved in the contract interpret its terms differently. This is known as a breach of contract.

Walker Law is equipped to resolve both personal and professional contract disputes. If you are involved in a contract dispute, we can help you resolve the problem in a cost and time-effective manner.  Our litigation team can argue your legal matter in the courts and tribunals across Canada (except Quebec and the territories).

Types of Breach of Contract

Material Breach of contract occurs when one person to the agreement fails to fulfil or perform his or her part of the contract.  


A Partial Breach of contract occurs when one person to the agreement fails to complete part of his or her obligations as required by the contract. 


An Anticipatory Breach of contract occurs where one person to the contract states that he or she will not perform the contract by the specified date.


Fundamental Breach of contract occurs when there is the failure to fulfill the responsibilities of the contract to the extent that the contract cannot be performed or the other side cannot get any benefit from the contract. Multiple breaches may result in a fundamental breach. 

How Our Trial Lawyers Can Assist You

Walker Law can assist you with all aspects of contract disputes, including:

  • agreement of purchase and sale disputes;
  • commercial and residential lease disputes;
  • construction matters;
  • contracts for goods and services;
  • franchise agreements;
  • negotiation of contracts on behalf of employees or employers; and
  • more.

Walker Law is located in the heart of the financial district in downtown Toronto. Our legal staff are ready to assist you. Call us at 647-342-2334 or email us at [email protected] for a consultation.

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