Construction Disputes


Construction Disputes

It is not uncommon for construction disputes to arise between homeowners/property managers and contractors/subcontractors where there is ambiguity in the contract, requests for overpayments, and/or significant delays in the construction process.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the construction or renovation of your home or a commercial property, contact Walker Law civil litigation lawyers to assist you.

How Our Construction Litigation Lawyers Can Assist You

Our Walker Law construction lawyers can assist you with all aspects of a construction dispute, including:

What is a Construction Lien?

A construction lien is a claim placed on title to a commercial (or residential) property by a contractor or subcontractor when the owner of the property does not satisfy payment of an invoice for work done to the property. A construction lien is burdensome as it makes it almost impossible to sell or refinance the property.

Walker Law real estate litigators can assist you with having a construction lien placed or remove a construction lien as soon as possible. Our litigation lawyers have knowledge of the Construction Lien Act and will apply our knowledge to help you find a resolution.

What is the Duty of Good Workmanship?

Construction contracts contain an implied warranty of good workmanship, meaning that contractors have a duty to ensure that the work completed is done in a good and workmanlike manner, that does not contain any major defects, and that the materials used are suitable for use set out in the contract.

Can I Hire a New Contractor to Finish the Job? 

Where it can be shown that the contractor has completed defective workmanship, the homeowner may be entitled to compensation to remedy the defects in the work. However, it is important to note that where there is a clause in the contract, contractors have a right to be notified of the defects in their work and to be given an opportunity to correct them.

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