Commercial Litigation Law


Commercial Litigation Law

Walker Law Professional Corporation is a commercial litigation law firm located in the heart of the financial district in downtown Toronto. We are a dispute resolution focused law firm. We provide cost-effective solutions to resolve commercial disputes efficiently and promptly while maintaining a high level of customer service. At Walker Law, our clients are one of our top priorities, as such, we ensure that clients understand all of their options in starting or defending a lawsuit and stay informed every step of the way.

Unlike many law firms who focus on billable hours, our commercial litigation lawyers delegate tasks based on complexity, meaning that if a paralegal or articling student is equipped to handle the matter, the task will be assigned to them while they are supervised by one of our senior litigation lawyers. In this way our staff members are presented with the opportunity to learn and develop their practice while you are provided with the benefit of being billed at the significantly lower rate of a paralegal or articling student.

What Is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation is comprised of legal disputes regarding business transactions. It generally involves the resolution of disagreements between corporations. However, it may also include dispute resolution between individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships and other non-incorporated entities. Walker Law understands the importance of resolving commercial disputes quickly while if possible, maintaining the relationship between the parties.

Our commercial litigation lawyers work expediently and efficiently to resolve legal problems by offering creative solutions. Walker Law focuses on practical business-oriented outcomes. Our trial lawyers are accustomed to working on high profile, complex matters which require a high level of competence, attention to detail, and legal knowledge. Our team has argued matters in various levels of court and tribunals throughout Canada. As a result, we have many successful decisions published on legal databases such as Quicklaw, WestLaw and CanLII.

We are happy to assist you with your commercial litigation matter in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Our staff are equipped to assist with matter involving:

How Our Litigation Lawyers Can Assist You

A lawsuit can be stressful, time consuming, and financially burdensome. We assist our clients by obtaining a thorough understanding their needs and crafting a litigation strategy that addresses their legal and business concerns. Once we understand the scope of your matter, our legal team will conduct thorough research of the issues at hand and will provide an insightful overview of the likely outcomes, your options, and their recommendations pertaining to your legal matter. With your input, we will formulate a plan to advance the matter forward. We place an emphasis on alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in an attempt to settle your matter in a cost-effective way outside of the courts.

Although Walker Law is a commercial litigation firm that is accustomed with court procedures and regularly appears in court, we understand that it is cost and time effective to resolve disputes using alternative methods whenever possible, such as settlement meetings and mediation. Alternative dispute resolution methods assist with:

  • keeping legal costs down;
  • maintaining the confidentiality of the parties and the nature of the dispute;
  • providing options for alternative forms of resolution other than money, such as the performance of certain tasks or the delivery of certain item;
  • helping to maintain the relationship of the parties;
  • creating flexibility in the resolution process.

Where the parties cannot resolve the matter on their own, we will advance the matter through the courts. Walker Law is well known in the legal profession by our peers, competition, and court staff for its assertiveness, competitive nature, and tactical approach. As such Walker Law staff are held to a high standard to maintain that reputation.

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