As discussed in our recent Walker Law blog post, initiating costly litigation based on meritless claims can attract significant cost consequences. In general, in the Superior Court, the losing side is usually ordered to pay approximately 60-80% of the legal fees or “costs” of the winning side. In addition to the compensatory nature of cost...
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At the core of the rights protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are the basic human rights to life, liberty and security of the person (physical and psychological safety). In Canada, no individual can be deprived of these rights except through fair and just legal procedures in accordance with the principles of...
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In Ontario, generally speaking, a party has two years to sue from the date they discovered a wrong. This is called a claim. A claim is considered discovered, for the purposes of starting a lawsuit, on the day on which the person knew that: (1) An injury or damages occurred (2) it was caused by...
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One thing that all business owners should do is ensure that they have well-drafted employment contracts that clearly set out the terms of employment that exist between them and each of their employees. As employment litigation lawyers, we recommend that our clients who are employers include provisions in their employment contracts that explain what their...
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  Are you looking to challenge the re-zoning of your neighbour’s property or oppose that new 30-storey condominium development in your neighbourhood? If so, your concerns will now be addressed by the LPAT.
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In our last article we discussed administrative tribunals and the division of responsibilities between tribunals and courts.
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