February 2021

Title : Technology Gone Wrong: Cautionary Tales From the Remote Courtroom Date : Friday, February 26, 2021 12:00PM – 1:30PM Description : Program Chairs: Martha Cook, Martha Cook Professional Corporation Ian Hu, Carroll Heyd Chown LLP Hearings can be stressful enough and technology brings a whole new layer of complexity. What do you do if...
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All employees have an implied duty of good faith not to disclose confidential information or trade secrets; this duty is owed regardless of whether there is a non-disclosure clause in the employment contract. The law does not usually prohibit employees from using the skills and knowledge that they acquire from a past job to a...
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The Government of Canada has released several income-support benefits over the past year to assist Canadians most impacted by the pandemic. Last March, the Government of Canada introduced the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit, most commonly known as “CERB,” which provided qualifying individuals with a $2,000 benefit every four weeks, up to a maximum of sixteen...
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