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We tailor our services to your needs by assigning responsibilities for your matter to the appropriate person based on the complexity.


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The founder who has been in practice for almost 15 years has been successful representing clients in various levels of Court.


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Our founder has won numerous awards and regularly appears on television to discuss legal issues.

Walker Law Professional Corporation

Toronto Litigation Law Firm

Our team goes to work every day with the understanding that they will assist clients with resolving their legal problems. They take into account their needs and strategize to achieve results in a timely and cost effective manner. If trial or an appeal is necessary, our team is prepared to fight to bring results.

In 2010, Tanya Walker decided to leave Bay Street to create Walker Law. When she opened Walker Law with a part time assistant, she created the mandate that everyone at the firm and clients would be treated fairly. The clients at her previous firm appreciated her mandate to the extent that 99% decided to follow her to Walker Law. Walker Law now employs close to ten employees and has received numerous recognitions and awards.

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Tanya Walker


Legal Practices Area

Walker Law is able to assist you with bringing and defending an appeal in the Superior Court, Divisional Court and the Court of Appeal.
Civil litigation is the process of resolving a dispute between two or more persons or companies in a court of law with a judge and sometimes a jury.
Walker Law Professional Corporation is a civil litigation law firm located in the heart of the financial district in downtown Toronto.
Commercial real estate disputes are comprised of legal disputes regarding business transactions.
If you are experiencing difficulty with the construction or renovation of your home or a commercial property, contact Walker Law to assist you.
Contempt is the offence of disobeying a court of law and its officers.
Walker Law provides assistance with resolving personal and business-related contractual disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Debt recovery may include conducting interviews, seizing assets, or garnishing funds. Walker Law can assist you with recovering the debts that are owed to you.
Walker Law works with employees and employers to resolve employment and contractor disputes.
We are able to assist you with resolving your franchise dispute.
Walker Law can assist help you start a lawsuit or defend a claim of fraud.
An injunction provides equitable relief, which prohibits or requires a party to do something.
If you or your company are the subject of a sexual or racial allegation, Walker Law will assist you in investigating that accusation and will provide insight on how to mitigate any civil liability.
Walker Law can assist with the prosecution of professionals before disciplinary and regulatory bodies.
Residential real estate refers to real estate that is used for living or the dwelling of individuals.
We will assist you with resolving your dispute while we keep your costs down. If your matter proceeds to trial, we will represent your interests.
We have experience representing clients before various tribunals including the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

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Words From Clients

  • “It is always a pleasure referring clients knowing the high level of professionalism and service they will get from Tanya Walker and her team. She has raised the bar in exceptionalism and is my go to for all my litigation matters. Congratulations and keep up the great work.”

    Horace Dockery
  • “I absolutely recommend Walker Law! Tanya Walker and her team handled my matter in an extremely timely manner, communicated every step of the process, and were available to answer each question and concern I had. There is no doubt in my mind that a full settlement would not have been reached at such an early stage in this case, had it not been for Tanya’s hard work on this matter. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, keep up the exceptional work that you are doing!”

    Jessie O. Lee
  • “Tanya Walker has provided amazing legal advice and counsel to me on a number of occasions. Her growing legal practice is a testament of her dedication to her clients and her community.”

    Nicole Brazier


Law is complicated. It can cause you a big problem. Let us help you!

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